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Oh man. Sorry, my bad... You thought this shit was gonna be finished, so you're just clicking your ass off thinking I got all the time in the world to make your fucking buttons work so your little Walt Disney world doesn't come crashing in on your face... Like I don't have a ton o' shit to do, what with mowing the grass, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning... I mean does it ever end? I do the dishes and then there they are again. WTF?! And eating. Why do I have to eat all the damn time? Doesn't three times a day seem OTT? And now the "nutritionists" tell me I should be eating five small meals! Have they even seen my portion plate? Don't get me started... Anyway, between cooking, eating, and shitting, I barely have time for a hike in the woods. So get off my ass. I'll get your buttons working when I get just one good night's sleep. Is that asking too mcuh? See? See what happens? I'm tired and typing so fast I misspelled a word. Fuck it. I give up.